1.5.1/2 release
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  disklabel wd0
  replace kernel
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  Error Messages
      netbsd: No such ..
      No response
      SIOCGIFFLAGS gm0: Device not ..
      TERM environment variable ..


After you booted from the stuff just installed, system comes up to the point, asking what shell you will use.

Normally type return to get sh (Bourn shell) working.

You may need to say mount -a to mount the filesystems.

Just for example,

# mount -a
# TERM=xterm
# export TERM
# vi /etc/rc.conf

# echo my-nis-domain-name > /etc/defaultdomain
# echo > /etc/mygate
# echo myhost      > /etc/myname
# echo inet myhost netmask 0xffffff00 media autoselect > /etc/ifconfig.gm0
# cat > /etc/resolv.conf
domain     your.domain

The files you may need to change are listed at http://www.ki.nu/software/NetBSD/macppc/after-sysinst.shtml
(seems a little bit out-of-date list, though.)

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