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Partition (MacOS)

Use Drive Utility on MacOS to partition the disk.

NetBSD stuff on HFS

Put following files on MacOS (HFS) partition (Just drug two of them into MacOS top folder) from the snapshot.
filename descriptionname
ofwboot.elf (*1) to read kernel on NetBSD partition (or on HFS partition)
netbsd-GENERIC_MD.gz (*2)install kernel (ramdisk and sysinst enabled)netbsd (*3)
hfsboot (*4) to read kernel on HFS partiton
  • iBook needs (unoffical) ADB patch. Not necessary recommended, but the precompiled binary is at:
  • (*1) newly developed ofwboot, which is in 2000/11/25 (1.5K) snapshot now includes hfsboot facility, you don't need hfsboot file with that distribution.
    But I have not tested yet.
  • (*2) netbsd-GENERIC_MD.gz is sometimes called as netbsd.ramdisk.gz. Those are the same thing.
  • (*3) Some older versions of hfsboot need netbsd.ram.gz named as netbsd instead of netbsd.ram.gz (alias on MacOS does not work for this purpose)
  • netbsd.ram.gz distributed from NetBSD.org may not configure gm0 interface. See Network section if you intend to install from Network media.
  • (*4) hfsboot is obsolete, but I will add the historical explanation:
    It is an alternative to network boot for Newer PowerMac.
    It will be placed on HFS partition, invoked from Open Firmware just like ofwboot.elf and then read (install) kernel on HFS partition. It will be found at: ftp://nandra.iri.co.jp/pub/NetBSD/macppc/

    It is installation purpose only.

    But this is becoming obsolete because new ofwboot.elf will do the same thing.

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