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Now it's time to open *.tar.gz files onto the mounted partition.

sysinst use pax to open and write the tar.gz format files. That looks nice, but I have not used frequently, so I will show you the example with tar first,

cd /mnt
tar zxpf $MOUNT/binary/sets/base.tgz 
repeat for the rest of all the *.tgz files, or
Open everything at a time by:
cd /mnt
for i in $MOUNT/binary/sets/*.tgz 
  do echo $i
  tar zxpf $i


To use pax instead,
cd /mnt
for i in $MOUNT/binary/sets/*.tgz 
  do echo $i
  pax -zrpe -f $i

replace kernel

Starting from 1.5V snapshot (20010517 or 20010524), you do NOT need to replace the kernel.

For iBook and PowerBook G3 Pismo users, you need to replace the kernel with ADB patch applied. See also versions page.
Precompiled kernel are listed below.
Copy one of those file onto /mnt, gunzip, and rename or (hard)link to /mnt/netbsd.

ftp.ki.nu netbsd-1.5K-adb-insecure.gz 1.5K + adb patch, take 30 seconds to probe ADB, not recommended now.
ftp.ki.nu netbsd-1.5V-insecure.gz 1.5V "option INSECURE" enabled for XFree86
ftp.netbsd.org (1.5.1_BETA2) netbsd.GENERIC.gz1.5.1_BETA2
For example,
cd /mnt
mv netbsd netbsd-1.5S
cp $SOMEWHERE/netbsd-1.5V-insecure.gz .
gunzip netbsd-1.5V-insecure.gz 
ln netbsd-1.5V-insecure netbsd
I have heard there is a problem if the Permission missing +w bit, but I have not confirmed yet.
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