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boot (netbsd.ram.gz)

Open Firmware

To get the Open Firmware prompt, Power on the machine with
command + option + O + F
combination. Then you will get the screen similar to below.
Apple PowerBook2, 1 2.0f5 BootROM built on 01/24/00 at 13:58:31
Copyright 1994-2000 Apple Computer, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to Open Firmware.
To continue booting, type "mac-boot" and press return.
To shut down, type "shut-down" and press return.

0 > _
By setting following variable, you will get OF everytime you power on.
setenv auto-boot? false


(The name hfsboot itself is obsolete. The original naming was to read HFS volume to find the kernel, saying Boot from HFS. Recent ofwboot.elf does include the function of hfsboot. Replace the word hfsboot with ofwboot.elf in the following table.)

Boot typeOF commandcomment
1NetBSD installboot hd:16,hfsbootinstallation time only
2NetBSDboot hd:16,ofwboot.elf hd:9 regular booting after installation
3MacOS CDROMboot ide0:,\\:tbxi If you set OF variables for NetBSD, you may need those command.
4MacOS boot hd:15, \\:tbxi
  • The numbers shown above, like 9,15,16, depend on your partiton. Please do not stick those numbers. The number may have +9 offset from the sequence specified in MacOS Drive Setup.
  • If you have only one netbsd placed, you do NOT neet to put the numbers. Say,
    boot hd:,hfsboot
    boot hd:,ofwboot.elf
    may work.
Then you will get long booting kernel messages, and at last,
Terminal type? [vt100] xterm
Erase is backspace.
(I)nstall, (S)hell or (H)alt ? s
then type s to exit to shell.
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