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2024年01月12日(金) 旧暦 [n年日記] [更新:"2004/08/09 23:43:33"]

#1 [pkgsrc] pkglint issue

(inside CHROOT)
h97@pbulk 22:13:26/240111(..math/R)% ls -l `which pkglint`
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  9953509 Dec 18 12:10 /usr/pkg/bin/pkglint
h97@pbulk 22:13:34/240111(..math/R)% pkg_info |grep pkglint
pkglint-23.2.4nb4   Verifier for NetBSD packages

h97@pbulk 22:14:38/240111(..math/R)% h97@pbulk 22:13:10/240111(..math/R)% pkglint
WARN: COMMIT_MSG: Unexpected file found.
WARN: Makefile:25: Assignments to "TEXINFO_REQD" should use "+=", not "=".
WARN: Makefile:118: The user-defined variable PAPERSIZE is used but not added to BUILD_DEFS.
NOTE: Makefile.extension: Consider renaming "Makefile.extension" to "".
WARN: Makefile.extension:22: The R package name should not contain variables.
WARN: Makefile.extension:43--44: Variable TEST_ENV is used but not mentioned in the _VARGROUPS section.
WARN: Makefile.extension:65: R_HOMEPAGE_BASE is defined but not used.
ERROR: TODO: Packages in main pkgsrc must not have a TODO file.
1 error, 6 warnings and 1 note found.
(Run "pkglint -e" to show explanations.)
h97@pbulk 22:13:16/240111(..math/R)%
h97@makoto 07:14:13/240112(..math/R)% pkg_info |grep pkglint
pkglint-23.2.4nb4   Verifier for NetBSD packages

h97@makoto 07:14:25/240112(..math/R)% ls -l `which pkglint` 
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  9953445 Dec 17 22:43 /usr/pkg/bin/pkglint

h97@makoto 07:16:00/240112(..math/R)% pkg_info |grep pkglint
pkglint-23.2.4nb4   Verifier for NetBSD packages
h97@makoto 07:16:01/240112(..math/R)% pkglint               
panic: Pkglint internal error: user.Current: user: lookup userid 2029: permission denied [recovered]
        panic: interface conversion: interface {} is string, not pkglint.pkglintFatal

goroutine 1 [running]:*Pkglint).Main.func1()
        /tmp/pkgtools/pkglint/work/pkglint-23.2.4/v23/pkglint.go:111 +0x54
panic({0x7458a0?, 0xc00255d710?})
        /usr/pkg/go121/src/runtime/panic.go:914 +0x21f{0x866680, 0xc00255d700}, {0x7b3e60?, 0x863528?}, {0x0?, 0x7b05c0?, 0x7b0f45?})
        /tmp/pkgtools/pkglint/work/pkglint-23.2.4/v23/util.go:264 +0xb4*Pkglint).prepareMainLoop(0xa89180)
        /tmp/pkgtools/pkglint/work/pkglint-23.2.4/v23/pkglint.go:218 +0x52c*Pkglint).Main(0xa89180, {0x866480?, 0xc00004c030}, {0x866480?, 0xc00004c038}, {0xc0000160d0, 0x1, 0x1})
        /tmp/pkgtools/pkglint/work/pkglint-23.2.4/v23/pkglint.go:124 +0x245
        /tmp/pkgtools/pkglint/work/pkglint-23.2.4/v23/cmd/pkglint/main.go:11 +0x47
h97@makoto 07:16:06/240112(..math/R)% 

停電 (瞬電)
the second try on bare-metal
opendkim and senmail
chat/iam 0.0.8
uselocale vs setlocale (textproc/R-readxl)
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