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この画面は http://home.jp.FreeBSD.org/~koga/cf/ から勝手に持って来て自分用に見易くしたものです。 原本の更新よりも古い可能性があります。

詳細な設定 (confXXXX)

通常では変更の必要がない数多くの設定用オプションがあります。 しかし、それらに変更を加えたいと思う場合、 以下に示す M4 マクロに値を設定することができます。

以下のリストは 4 カラムで構成されています。 順に、 対象のマクロ名定義、 定義値のデフォルト、 有効に設定できるオプションあるいはマクロ (オプションとして Ox に、あるいはマクロとして Dx のいずれかに設定で きる)、 簡略説明です。 これらの意味については Installation and Operations Guide に詳しく載っています。

いくつかのオプションは、将来の版で推奨されなくなることがあります。 それは該当するオプションは古い版との後方互換性を提供するためだけに含まれるということです。 そのようなオプションには印として * が付いています。

以下に示すオプションは M4 の変数です。そのため、引用符で囲む必要があります。 とりわけ、コンマを含む引数は、 コンマが含まれることで生じる問題を防ぐために、 大抵の場合 ``コンマを含むこの例の様に, 二重に括る'' 必要があります。 alias ファイルの定義や読み出し時のタイムアウトの設定では通常このようにします。

M4 Variable Name	Configuration	Description & [Default]
================	=============	=======================
confMAILER_NAME		$n macro	[MAILER-DAEMON] The sender name used
					for internally generated outgoing
confDOMAIN_NAME		$j macro	If defined, sets $j.  This should
					only be done if your system cannot
					determine your local domain name,
					and then it should be set to
					$w.Foo.COM, where Foo.COM is your
					domain name.
confCF_VERSION		$Z macro	If defined, this is appended to the
					configuration version name.
confFROM_HEADER		From:		[$?x$x <$g>$|$g$.] The format of an
					internally generated From: address.
		[$?sfrom $s $.$?_($?s$|from $.$_)
			$.by $j ($v/$Z)$?r with $r$. id $i$?u
			for $u; $|;
					The format of the Received: header
					in messages passed through this host.
					It is unwise to try to change this.
confCW_FILE		Fw class	[/etc/mail/local-host-names] Name
					of file used to get the local
					additions to class {w} (local host
confCT_FILE		Ft class	[/etc/mail/trusted-users] Name of
					file used to get the local additions
					to class {t} (trusted users).
confCR_FILE		FR class	[/etc/mail/relay-domains] Name of
					file used to get the local additions
					to class {R} (hosts allowed to relay).
confTRUSTED_USERS	Ct class	[no default] Names of users to add to
					the list of trusted users.  This list
					always includes root, uucp, and daemon.
					See also FEATURE(`use_ct_file').
confTRUSTED_USER	TrustedUser	[no default] Trusted user for file
					ownership and starting the daemon.
					Not to be confused with
					confTRUSTED_USERS (see above).
confSMTP_MAILER		-		[esmtp] The mailer name used when
					SMTP connectivity is required.
					One of "smtp", "smtp8",
					"esmtp", or "dsmtp".
confUUCP_MAILER		-		[uucp-old] The mailer to be used by
					default for bang-format recipient
					addresses.  See also discussion of
					class {U}, class {Y}, and class {Z}
					in the MAILER(`uucp') section.
confLOCAL_MAILER	-		[local] The mailer name used when
					local connectivity is required.
					Almost always "local".
confRELAY_MAILER	-		[relay] The default mailer name used
					for relaying any mail (e.g., to a
					whatever).  This can reasonably be
					"uucp-new" if you are on a
					UUCP-connected site.
confSEVEN_BIT_INPUT	SevenBitInput	[False] Force input to seven bits?
confEIGHT_BIT_HANDLING	EightBitMode	[pass8] 8-bit data handling
confALIAS_WAIT		AliasWait	[10m] Time to wait for alias file
					rebuild until you get bored and
					decide that the apparently pending
					rebuild failed.
confMIN_FREE_BLOCKS	MinFreeBlocks	[100] Minimum number of free blocks on
					queue filesystem to accept SMTP mail.
					(Prior to 8.7 this was minfree/maxsize,
					where minfree was the number of free
					blocks and maxsize was the maximum
					message size.  Use confMAX_MESSAGE_SIZE
					for the second value now.)
confMAX_MESSAGE_SIZE	MaxMessageSize	[infinite] The maximum size of messages
					that will be accepted (in bytes).
confBLANK_SUB		BlankSub	[.] Blank (space) substitution
confCON_EXPENSIVE	HoldExpensive	[False] Avoid connecting immediately
					to mailers marked expensive.
confCHECKPOINT_INTERVAL	CheckpointInterval
					[10] Checkpoint queue files every N
confDELIVERY_MODE	DeliveryMode	[background] Default delivery mode.
confAUTO_REBUILD	AutoRebuildAliases
					[False] Automatically rebuild alias
					file if needed.
					There is a potential for a denial
					of service attack if this is set.
					This option is deprecated and will
					be removed from a future version.
confERROR_MODE		ErrorMode	[print] Error message mode.
confERROR_MESSAGE	ErrorHeader	[undefined] Error message header/file.
confSAVE_FROM_LINES	SaveFromLine	Save extra leading From_ lines.
confTEMP_FILE_MODE	TempFileMode	[0600] Temporary file mode.
confMATCH_GECOS		MatchGECOS	[False] Match GECOS field.
confMAX_HOP		MaxHopCount	[25] Maximum hop count.
confIGNORE_DOTS*	IgnoreDots	[False; always False in -bs or -bd
					mode] Ignore dot as terminator for
					incoming messages?
confBIND_OPTS		ResolverOptions	[undefined] Default options for DNS
confMIME_FORMAT_ERRORS*	SendMimeErrors	[True] Send error messages as MIME-
					encapsulated messages per RFC 1344.
confFORWARD_PATH	ForwardPath	[$z/.forward.$w:$z/.forward]
					The colon-separated list of places to
					search for .forward files.  N.B.: see
					the Security Notes section.
confMCI_CACHE_SIZE	ConnectionCacheSize
					[2] Size of open connection cache.
confMCI_CACHE_TIMEOUT	ConnectionCacheTimeout
					[5m] Open connection cache timeout.
confHOST_STATUS_DIRECTORY HostStatusDirectory
					[undefined] If set, host status is kept
					on disk between sendmail runs in the
					named directory tree.  This need not be
					a full pathname, in which case it is
					interpreted relative to the queue
confSINGLE_THREAD_DELIVERY  SingleThreadDelivery
					[False] If this option and the
					HostStatusDirectory option are both
					set, single thread deliveries to other
					hosts.  That is, don't allow any two
					sendmails on this host to connect
					simultaneously to any other single
					host.  This can slow down delivery in
					some cases, in particular since a
					cached but otherwise idle connection
					to a host will prevent other sendmails
					from connecting to the other host.
confUSE_ERRORS_TO*	UseErrorsTo	[False] Use the Errors-To: header to
					deliver error messages.  This should
					not be necessary because of general
					acceptance of the envelope/header
confLOG_LEVEL		LogLevel	[9] Log level.
confME_TOO		MeToo		[True] Include sender in group
					expansions.  This option is
					deprecated and will be removed from
					a future version.
confCHECK_ALIASES	CheckAliases	[False] Check RHS of aliases when
					running newaliases.  Since this does
					DNS lookups on every address, it can
					slow down the alias rebuild process
					considerably on large alias files.
confOLD_STYLE_HEADERS*	OldStyleHeaders	[True] Assume that headers without
					special chars are old style.
confCLIENT_OPTIONS	ClientPortOptions
					[none] Options for outgoing SMTP client
confPRIVACY_FLAGS	PrivacyOptions	[authwarnings] Privacy flags.
define(`confPRIVACY_FLAGS', ``authwarnings,noexpn,novrfy'')
confCOPY_ERRORS_TO	PostmasterCopy	[undefined] Address for additional
					copies of all error messages.
confQUEUE_FACTOR	QueueFactor	[600000] Slope of queue-only function.
confDONT_PRUNE_ROUTES	DontPruneRoutes	[False] Don't prune down route-addr
					syntax addresses to the minimum
confSAFE_QUEUE*		SuperSafe	[True] Commit all messages to disk
					before forking.
confTO_INITIAL		Timeout.initial	[5m] The timeout waiting for a response
					on the initial connect.
confTO_CONNECT		Timeout.connect	[0] The timeout waiting for an initial
					connect() to complete.  This can only
					shorten connection timeouts; the kernel
					silently enforces an absolute maximum
					(which varies depending on the system).
confTO_ICONNECT		Timeout.iconnect
					[undefined] Like Timeout.connect, but
					applies only to the very first attempt
					to connect to a host in a message.
					This allows a single very fast pass
					followed by more careful delivery
					attempts in the future.
confTO_HELO		Timeout.helo	[5m] The timeout waiting for a response
					to a HELO or EHLO command.
confTO_MAIL		Timeout.mail	[10m] The timeout waiting for a
					response to the MAIL command.
confTO_RCPT		Timeout.rcpt	[1h] The timeout waiting for a response
					to the RCPT command.
confTO_DATAINIT		Timeout.datainit
					[5m] The timeout waiting for a 354
					response from the DATA command.
confTO_DATABLOCK	Timeout.datablock
					[1h] The timeout waiting for a block
					during DATA phase.
confTO_DATAFINAL	Timeout.datafinal
					[1h] The timeout waiting for a response
					to the final "." that terminates a
confTO_RSET		Timeout.rset	[5m] The timeout waiting for a response
					to the RSET command.
confTO_QUIT		Timeout.quit	[2m] The timeout waiting for a response
					to the QUIT command.
confTO_MISC		Timeout.misc	[2m] The timeout waiting for a response
					to other SMTP commands.
confTO_COMMAND		Timeout.command	[1h] In server SMTP, the timeout
					waiting	for a command to be issued.
confTO_IDENT		Timeout.ident	[5s] The timeout waiting for a
					response to an IDENT query.
confTO_FILEOPEN		Timeout.fileopen
					[60s] The timeout waiting for a file
					(e.g., :include: file) to be opened.
confTO_CONTROL		Timeout.control
					[2m] The timeout for a complete
					control socket transaction to complete.
confTO_QUEUERETURN	Timeout.queuereturn
					[5d] The timeout before a message is
					returned as undeliverable.
					[undefined] As above, for normal
					priority messages.
					[undefined] As above, for urgent
					priority messages.
					[undefined] As above, for non-urgent
					(low) priority messages.
confTO_QUEUEWARN	Timeout.queuewarn
					[4h] The timeout before a warning
					message is sent to the sender telling
					them that the message has been
confTO_QUEUEWARN_NORMAL	Timeout.queuewarn.normal
					[undefined] As above, for normal
					priority messages.
confTO_QUEUEWARN_URGENT	Timeout.queuewarn.urgent
					[undefined] As above, for urgent
					priority messages.
					[undefined] As above, for non-urgent
					(low) priority messages.
confTO_HOSTSTATUS	Timeout.hoststatus
					[30m] How long information about host
					statuses will be maintained before it
					is considered stale and the host should
					be retried.  This applies both within
					a single queue run and to persistent
					information (see below).
confTO_RESOLVER_RETRANS	Timeout.resolver.retrans
					[varies] Sets the resolver's
					retransmition time interval (in
					seconds).  Sets both
					Timeout.resolver.retrans.first and
confTO_RESOLVER_RETRANS_FIRST  Timeout.resolver.retrans.first
					[varies] Sets the resolver's
					retransmition time interval (in
					seconds) for the first attempt to
					deliver a message.
confTO_RESOLVER_RETRANS_NORMAL  Timeout.resolver.retrans.normal
					[varies] Sets the resolver's
					retransmition time interval (in
					seconds) for all resolver lookups
					except the first delivery attempt.
confTO_RESOLVER_RETRY	Timeout.resolver.retry
					[varies] Sets the number of times
					to retransmit a resolver query.
					Sets both
					Timeout.resolver.retry.first and
confTO_RESOLVER_RETRY_FIRST  Timeout.resolver.retry.first
					[varies] Sets the number of times
					to retransmit a resolver query for
					the first attempt to deliver a
confTO_RESOLVER_RETRY_NORMAL  Timeout.resolver.retry.normal
					[varies] Sets the number of times
					to retransmit a resolver query for
					all resolver lookups except the
					first delivery attempt.
confTIME_ZONE		TimeZoneSpec	[USE_SYSTEM] Time zone info -- can be
					USE_SYSTEM to use the system's idea,
					USE_TZ to use the user's TZ envariable,
					or something else to force that value.
confDEF_USER_ID		DefaultUser	[1:1] Default user id.
confUSERDB_SPEC		UserDatabaseSpec
					[undefined] User database
confFALLBACK_MX		FallbackMXhost	[undefined] Fallback MX host.
confTRY_NULL_MX_LIST	TryNullMXList	[False] If this host is the best MX
					for a host and other arrangements
					haven't been made, try connecting
					to the host directly; normally this
					would be a config error.
confQUEUE_LA		QueueLA		[varies] Load average at which
					queue-only function kicks in.
					Default values is (8 * numproc)
					where numproc is the number of
					processors online (if that can be
confREFUSE_LA		RefuseLA	[varies] Load average at which
					incoming SMTP connections are
					refused.  Default values is (12 *
					numproc) where numproc is the
					number of processors online (if
					that can be determined).
confMAX_ALIAS_RECURSION	MaxAliasRecursion
					[10] Maximum depth of alias recursion.
confMAX_DAEMON_CHILDREN	MaxDaemonChildren
					[undefined] The maximum number of
					children the daemon will permit.  After
					this number, connections will be
					rejected.  If not set or <= 0, there is
					no limit.
confMAX_HEADERS_LENGTH	MaxHeadersLength
					[32768] Maximum length of the sum
					of all headers.
confMAX_MIME_HEADER_LENGTH  MaxMimeHeaderLength
					[undefined] Maximum length of
					certain MIME header field values.
confCONNECTION_RATE_THROTTLE ConnectionRateThrottle
					[undefined] The maximum number of
					connections permitted per second.
					After this many connections are
					accepted, further connections will be
					delayed.  If not set or <= 0, there is
					no limit.
			RecipientFactor	[30000] Cost of each recipient.
confSEPARATE_PROC	ForkEachJob	[False] Run all deliveries in a
					separate process.
confWORK_CLASS_FACTOR	ClassFactor	[1800] Priority multiplier for class.
confWORK_TIME_FACTOR	RetryFactor	[90000] Cost of each delivery attempt.
confQUEUE_SORT_ORDER	QueueSortOrder	[Priority] Queue sort algorithm:
					Priority, Host, Filename, or Time.
confMIN_QUEUE_AGE	MinQueueAge	[0] The minimum amount of time a job
					must sit in the queue between queue
					runs.  This allows you to set the
					queue run interval low for better
					responsiveness without trying all
					jobs in each run.
confDEF_CHAR_SET	DefaultCharSet	[unknown-8bit] When converting
					unlabeled 8 bit input to MIME, the
					character set to use by default.
confSERVICE_SWITCH_FILE	ServiceSwitchFile
					[/etc/mail/service.switch] The file
					to use for the service switch on
					systems that do not have a
					system-defined switch.
confHOSTS_FILE		HostsFile	[/etc/hosts] The file to use when doing
					"file" type access of hosts names.
confDIAL_DELAY		DialDelay	[0s] If a connection fails, wait this
					long and try again.  Zero means "don't
					retry".  This is to allow "dial on
					demand" connections to have enough time
					to complete a connection.

confNO_RCPT_ACTION	NoRecipientAction
					[none] What to do if there are no legal
					recipient fields (To:, Cc: or Bcc:)
					in the message.  Legal values can
					be "none" to just leave the
					nonconforming message as is, "add-to"
					to add a To: header with all the
					known recipients (which may expose
					blind recipients), "add-apparently-to"
					to do the same but use Apparently-To:
					instead of To:, "add-bcc" to add an
					empty Bcc: header, or
					"add-to-undisclosed" to add the header
					``To: undisclosed-recipients:;''.
confSAFE_FILE_ENV	SafeFileEnvironment
					[undefined] If set, sendmail will do a
					chroot() into this directory before
					writing files.
confCOLON_OK_IN_ADDR	ColonOkInAddr	[True unless Configuration Level > 6]
					If set, colons are treated as a regular
					character in addresses.  If not set,
					they are treated as the introducer to
					the RFC 822 "group" syntax.  Colons are
					handled properly in route-addrs.  This
					option defaults on for V5 and lower
					configuration files.
confMAX_QUEUE_RUN_SIZE	MaxQueueRunSize	[0] If set, limit the maximum size of
					any given queue run to this number of
					entries.  Essentially, this will stop
					reading each queue directory after this
					number of entries are reached; it does
					_not_ pick the highest priority jobs,
					so this should be as large as your
					system can tolerate.  If not set, there
					is no limit.
confDONT_EXPAND_CNAMES // DontExpandCnames
[False] If set, $[ ... $] lookups that do DNS based lookups do not expand CNAME records. This currently violates the published standards, but the IETF seems to be moving toward legalizing this. For example, if "FTP.Foo.ORG" is a CNAME for "Cruft.Foo.ORG", then with this option set a lookup of "FTP" will return "FTP.Foo.ORG"; if clear it returns "Cruft.FOO.ORG". N.B. you may not see any effect until your downstream neighbors stop doing CNAME lookups as well.
confFROM_LINE		UnixFromLine	[From $g $d] The From_ line used
					when sending to files or programs.
confSINGLE_LINE_FROM_HEADER  SingleLineFromHeader
					[False] From: lines that have
					embedded newlines are unwrapped
					onto one line.
confALLOW_BOGUS_HELO	AllowBogusHELO	[False] Allow HELO SMTP command that
					does not include a host name.
confMUST_QUOTE_CHARS	MustQuoteChars	[.'] Characters to be quoted in a full
					name phrase (@,;:\()[] are automatic).
confOPERATORS		OperatorChars	[.:%@!^/[]+] Address operator
confSMTP_LOGIN_MSG	SmtpGreetingMessage
					[$j Sendmail $v/$Z; $b]
					The initial (spontaneous) SMTP
					greeting message.  The word "ESMTP"
					will be inserted between the first and
					second words to convince other
					sendmails to try to speak ESMTP.
confDONT_INIT_GROUPS	DontInitGroups	[False] If set, the initgroups(3)
					routine will never be invoked.  You
					might want to do this if you are
					running NIS and you have a large group
					map, since this call does a sequential
					scan of the map; in a large site this
					can cause your ypserv to run
					essentially full time.  If you set
					this, agents run on behalf of users
					will only have their primary
					(/etc/passwd) group permissions.
confUNSAFE_GROUP_WRITES	UnsafeGroupWrites
					[False] If set, group-writable
					:include: and .forward files are
					considered "unsafe", that is, programs
					and files cannot be directly referenced
					from such files.  World-writable files
					are always considered unsafe.
confCONNECT_ONLY_TO	ConnectOnlyTo	[undefined] override connection
					address (for testing).
confCONTROL_SOCKET_NAME	ControlSocketName
					[undefined] Control socket for daemon
confDOUBLE_BOUNCE_ADDRESS  DoubleBounceAddress
					[postmaster] If an error occurs when
					sending an error message, send that
					"double bounce" error message to this
confDEAD_LETTER_DROP	DeadLetterDrop	[undefined] Filename to save bounce
					messages which could not be returned
					to the user or sent to postmaster.
					If not set, the queue file will
					be renamed.
confRRT_IMPLIES_DSN	RrtImpliesDsn	[False] Return-Receipt-To: header
					implies DSN request.
confRUN_AS_USER		RunAsUser	[undefined] If set, become this user
					when reading and delivering mail.
					Causes all file reads (e.g., .forward
					and :include: files) to be done as
					this user.  Also, all programs will
					be run as this user, and all output
					files will be written as this user.
					Intended for use only on firewalls
					where users do not have accounts.
confMAX_RCPTS_PER_MESSAGE // MaxRecipientsPerMessage
[infinite] If set, allow no more than the specified number of recipients in an SMTP envelope. Further recipients receive a 452 error code (i.e., they are deferred for the next delivery attempt).
confDONT_PROBE_INTERFACES // DontProbeInterfaces
[False] If set, sendmail will _not_ insert the names and addresses of any local interfaces into class {w} (list of known "equivalent" addresses). If you set this, you must also include some support for these addresses (e.g., in a mailertable entry) -- otherwise, mail to addresses in this list will bounce with a configuration error.
confPID_FILE		PidFile		[system dependent] Location of pid
confPROCESS_TITLE_PREFIX  ProcessTitlePrefix
					[undefined] Prefix string for the
					process title shown on 'ps' listings.
confDONT_BLAME_SENDMAIL	DontBlameSendmail
					[safe] Override sendmail's file
					safety checks.  This will definitely
					compromise system security and should
					not be used unless absolutely
confREJECT_MSG		-		[550 Access denied] The message
					given if the access database contains
					REJECT in the value portion.
confDF_BUFFER_SIZE	DataFileBufferSize
					[4096] The maximum size of a
					memory-buffered data (df) file
					before a disk-based file is used.
confXF_BUFFER_SIZE	XScriptFileBufferSize
					[4096] The maximum size of a
					memory-buffered transcript (xf)
					file before a disk-based file is
					CRAM-MD5] List of authentication
					mechanisms for AUTH (separated by
					spaces).  The advertised list of
					authentication mechanisms will be the
					intersection of this list and the list
					of available mechanisms as determined
					by the CYRUS SASL library.
confDEF_AUTH_INFO // DefaultAuthInfo
[undefined] Name of file that contains authentication information for outgoing connections. This file must contain the user id, the authorization id, the password (plain text), and the realm to use, each on a separate line and must be readable by root (or the trusted user) only. If no realm is specified, $j is used. NOTE: Currently, AuthMechanisms is used to determine the list of mechanisms to use on an outgoing connection. Sites which require a different list of mechanisms for incoming connections and outgoing connections will have the ability to do this in 8.11 by specifying a list of mechanisms as the fifth line of the DefaultAuthInfo file. If no mechanisms are given in the file, AuthMechanisms is used. The code for doing so is included as in the sendmail source code but disabled. It can be enabled by recompiling sendmail with: -D_FFR_DEFAUTHINFO_MECHS
confAUTH_OPTIONS	AuthOptions	[undefined] If this options is 'A'
					then the AUTH= parameter for the
					MAIL FROM command is only issued
					when authentication succeeded.
confLDAP_DEFAULT_SPEC	LDAPDefaultSpec	[undefined] Default map
					specification for LDAP maps.  The
					value should only contain LDAP
					specific settings such as "-h host
					-p port -d bindDN", etc.  The
					settings will be used for all LDAP
					maps unless they are specified in
					the individual map specification
					('K' command).
confCACERT_PATH		CACERTPath	[undefined] Path to directory
					with certs of CAs.
confCACERT		CACERTFile	[undefined] File containing one CA
confSERVER_CERT		ServerCertFile	[undefined] File containing the
					cert of the server, i.e., this cert
					is used when sendmail acts as
confSERVER_KEY		ServerKeyFile	[undefined] File containing the
					private key belonging to the server
confCLIENT_CERT		ClientCertFile	[undefined] File containing the
					cert of the client, i.e., this cert
					is used when sendmail acts as
confCLIENT_KEY		ClientKeyFile	[undefined] File containing the
					private key belonging to the client
confDH_PARAMETERS	DHParameters	[undefined] File containing the
					DH parameters.
confRAND_FILE		RandFile	[undefined] File containing random
					data (use prefix file:) or the
					name of the UNIX socket if EGD is
					used (use prefix egd:).  STARTTLS
					requires this option if the compile
					flag HASURANDOM is not set (see
See also the description of OSTYPE for some parameters that can be tweaked (generally pathnames to mailers). DaemonPortOptions are a special case since multiple daemons can be defined. This can be done via
If DAEMON_OPTIONS is not used, then the default is
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp, Name=MTA') DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=587, Name=MSA, M=E')
If you use one DAEMON_OPTIONS macro, it will alter the parameters of the first of these. The second will still be defaulted; it represents a "Message Submission Agent" (MSA) as defined by RFC 2476 (see below). To turn off the default definition for the MSA, use FEATURE(`no_default_msa') (see also FEATURES). If you use additional DAEMON_OPTIONS macros, they will add additional daemons.

Example 1: To change the port for the SMTP listener, while still using the MSA default, use

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=925, Name=MTA')

Example 2: To change the port for the MSA daemon, while still using the default SMTP port, use

FEATURE(`no_default_msa') DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Name=MTA') DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=987, Name=MSA, M=E')
Note that if the first of those DAEMON_OPTIONS lines were omitted, then there would be no listener on the standard SMTP port. Example 3: To listen on both IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces, use
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Name=MTA-v4, Family=inet') DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Name=MTA-v6, Family=inet6')
A "Message Submission Agent" still uses all of the same rulesets for processing the message (and therefore still allows message rejection via the check_* rulesets). In accordance with the RFC, the MSA will ensure that all domains in the envelope are fully qualified if the message is relayed to another MTA. It will also enforce the normal address syntax rules and log error messages. Additionally, by using the M=a modifier you can require authentication before messages are accepted by the MSA. Notice: Do NOT use the 'a' modifier on a public accessible MTA! Finally, the M=E modifier shown above disables ETRN as required by RFC 2476.

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