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NetBSD/macppc 20021116

  1.     cd /export
        foreach i ( NetBSD-daily/current/200211140000/source/sets/*tgz )
          echo $i
          tar zxf $i
        mkdir 20021116-ts
        cd 20021116-ts
        mv ../usr/src .
  2. open ts version
    cd src
    tar zxf macppc-021116.tar.gz
  3. Some changes are necessary outside of above tar file.
    foreach i ( 20021116/?)
       patch -s -p0 < $i
  4. Machine with CUDA chip, like OF 1/2 machines, this needs for reading Real Time Clock correctly. See toolchain PR: PR/16678
    patch -s -p0 <  adb-20021109
  5. /etc/mk.conf (see man mk.conf), may need following lines.
    CWARNFLAGS+=   -fno-strict-aliasing
cd ..
setenv DESTDIR      `pwd`/d
setenv RELEASEDIR   `pwd`/r
cd src
time ./build.sh -D $DESTDIR -R $RELEASEDIR > & log-1
ttyp0:root@quick  9:34:57/021122(...20021116-ts/src)# time ./build.sh -D $DESTDIR -R $RELEASEDIR > & log-1
6393.410u 2056.050s 2:51:21.86 82.1%    0+0k 14668+404557io 14388pf+0w
                                    setenv DESTDIR $FTP/pub/NetBSD/arch/macppc/snapshot/20021116ts/source/
makoto@quick  (...20021116-ts/src)> mkdir -p $FTP/pub/NetBSD/arch/macppc/snapshot/20021116ts/source/
makoto@quick  (...20021116-ts/src)> setenv SRCDIR `pwd`
makoto@quick  (...20021116-ts/src)> sh distrib/sets/makesrctars
DESTDIR exists.
mkdir: $FTP/pub/NetBSD/arch/macppc/snapshot/20021116ts/source/sets: File exists
  • G4/400 (on ultra1:) stops after
    line. This is related to the fact that I am using long boot-file as
    say, booting from ultra1, not ultra0 = hd. If the kernel placed on hd:, it works fine.
    netatalk also works.
  • iBook/SE 366 works fine
  • G4/800 panics after mount root
    root file system type: ffs
    panic: cnopen: no console device
    Stopped: pid 11(init) ...
    See more console info in Japanese
  • amd client won't mount this kernel server if type:=host is on the map.
  • StarMax 3000/240
    kernel works fine, but netbsd.GENERIC_MD.gz traps (at a time) at i/f setup inside sysinst.
     Which device shall I use? [rtk0]: trap type 200 at 8b6978
    Stopped in pid 29 (ifconfig) at   0x8b6978:     sync
    db> t
    at 0x853b9c
    at 0x8534a4
    at 0x857d8c
    at 0x852858
    at 0x8b86e8
    at 0x9dcf44
    at 0x8b878c
    at 0x9d0f54
    at 0x99d6cc
    at 0x99a0a4
    at 0xa1cf00
    at 0x801038
    at 0x1857098
    at 0x18546fc
    at 0x1853f04
    at 0x1853afc
    at 0x18006a0
    at 0x18002ec
    at 0xfffffffc
    One more sysinst execution works fine. (?)
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