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What is tcode ?

(direct two stroke points one kanji code)

t-code is one of the two bytes character input method invented by professor Yamada . Instead of using kana(phonetic) code of phrases into Kanji conversion, two stroke of the keyboard designates solid one particular Kanji charactor. say, if you type 'LHIH' (of qwerty stuff), it shows '藤原' in that mode. Or you may click any keyboard found here to get any 1351 Kanji Chars ( Thanks Ntakahashi San ).

(Available drivers)

Table by OS -> osen.html
Macintosh driver, Elisp for Mule and for Windows 3.1 version (Not for Windows 95 nor NT) Kanchoku Win are available. If you are using Windows 95, you may have chance to use Mule for Windows ( BOOK or Intro by Hara Takeyori ) and run Elisp code on it.

(Info in Japanese)

The information in Japanese is available here -> tcode (two stroke direct Kanji Input Method) in the page of Taro Kawahara.

Introduction by Kaoru Maeda is ->here.

nYou may be interested in reading my old mail posted to tcode-ml "Why Fujiwara insists on tcode" in Japanese.

Getting tcode software

official ftp site at
Hasida table
Generating PostSciprt file for Kanji -> two stroke table. Written in Perl.
official recent release (Elisp for Mule)
collection of patches for Elisp code
mailed to tcode mailing list in 1996 ( to get unofficial Kitajima version 961210 )
Unofficial Kitajima version 2.0beta4 (Elisp for Mule/ Emacs)
(Newly introduced Kitajima Version)

Mailing List

Write human readable mail to to join.

Link to other Pages in Japanese (他の方への LINK )

北嶋さんの tc2 driver
sttc という tcode-stroke から目視用の文字形式譜生成系 もここにある。
On the Basic Research of Japanese Input Methods for Extensive Users
Hisao YAMADA 山田 尚勇 (学術情報センター)
河原太郎さんの頁 (wayback web)
T-code しよう
田川典生さんの頁 (wayback web)
m(as)m さんの頁
020915 remove kawahara-san, tagawa-san, update kitajima-san
000229 tc2 page
971216 tc2.0beta3 ready (since 971110)
970916 tc2.0beta2 ready
970713 some wording, add wintc12.lzh
970712 started