----- G E T   mimekit1.7 ----
tar zxvf mimekit1.7.tar.gz
cd mimekit1.7
cp enMime deMime /usr/local/lib/
----- G E T  A N D  O P E N   A R C H I V E -----
(1) tar zxvf nn-6.5.1.tar.gz

----- A P P L Y  J A P A N E S E   P A T C H  -----
(2) cd  nn-6.5.1
(3) zcat ../knn-1.1.4wip@6.5.1.patch.gz | patch -s -p0

----- C U S T O M I Z E  Y O U R  I N S T A L L A T I O N -----
(4) cp config.h-dist config.h
(5) change config.h  
   patch -s -p0 < SunOS (or in case ../inn-1.4 or before)
(6) setup #define NOV_DIRECTORY in config.h 
   remove DEFINE NOV_DIRECTORY in config.h
   ( only necessary if, 
     (a) run nn on the same machine as inn server runs
     (b) inn is built without NOV_DIRECTORY
   or change if you have 
      inn is built with NOV_DIRECTORY
(7)Makefile change for gcc ( if necessary )
   CC =            gcc 
   CPP =           $(CC) -E
   #CPP =          /lib/cpp
----- M A K E  -----

----- I N S T A L L ----
(10)  keep backup for old stuff if you have,
  mv /usr/local/lib/nn  /usr/local/lib/nn-9611
  mkdir                 /usr/local/lib/nn-9611/old-bin
  mv /usr/local/bin/nn* /usr/local/lib/nn-9611/old-bin
(11) run install script
  n) Network installation:     2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6
  Select option:n

(12) setup local installation
  echo hostname > /usr/local/lib/nn/nntp_server
  ( use your News server name in place of hostname )
  cp init.sample /usr/local/lib/nn/init
  chmod +r       /usr/local/lib/nn/init
  ( and change init file if necessary )

----- T E S T  I N S T A L L A T I O N -----
(13) preparation for regular (non priviledged) user

  setenv EDITOR mule
  ( if you connect the server which is different from
   /usr/local/lib/nn/nntp_server, )
  setenv NNTPSERVER hostname2
  (customize ~/.nn/init file)
  mkdir ~/.nn
  cp /usr/local/lib/nn/init ~/.nn/init
  and change it.

(14) Try following to see if it works,
     nn -xX fj.news.reader

970812 MEF mimekit1.7 (DeleGate directory)
970217 MEF mimekit1.6 (enMime)
970211 MEF mimekit1.3
961208 MEF